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Since 1973, Dr. Schmidt-Wilke has been a member of MGI Worldwide, one of the globally leading organisations of legally independent tax consultants and auditors. This international alliance is distributed across all continents with its 260 offices in 79 countries; this offers the benefit that best taxation can be guaranteed in case of cross-border activities of our clients. MGI Worldwide is unique because of its strategically strong partner companies with important presence in the respective regions around the world. These connections provide our clients with up to date and comprehensive information regarding economic basic conditions, taxation and auditing at all times.

In our company, international consulting is provided by Mr. Hübner and Mr. Springer. They have many years of experience in this area. We support clients around the world, even on site abroad, e.g. in Great Britain, Poland, etc. We consult German companies with branches and subsidiaries abroad regarding the peculiarities of double taxation in cooperation with our MGI Worldwide colleagues on site. Furthermore, we support foreign companies and persons with economic activities in Germany. The main area here is accounting according to German law, tax consultancy and optimisation as well as proper tax declaration and cross-border tax optimisation.

We comprehensively and competently consult you in international activities both regarding domestic and foreign tax law. International tax law requires comprehensive knowledge, since different countries have different laws.

In the following, we would like to give you a short overview of possible areas:

  • Location factors in Germany
  • Corporate forms
  • Income types
  • Income taxation
  • Other taxation forms
  • Accounting – auditing

Our explanations provide a short overview of the corresponding economic basic conditions in Germany. Since Germany has a highly complex business and tax law, we recommend contacting a specialist regarding your activities in Germany. Our company’s Mr. Christian Hübner and Mr. Stefan Springer will gladly be available to you in this respect.

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